The Day Off

There, it’s decided. I’m giving myself the day off.

I can’t imagine that sounds revolutionary. And if I were to be honest I did go into work today (although the office is closed for the holidays), and I did check my exercise output for the week so far to see if I’d still be able to make my goals with the remaining days. And of course, I’m writing this post. But after this, I swear I’m taking the day off.

It’s important for me to give myself permission to not do anything every once in a while. It removes the constant pressure of having to produce, to get somewhere. Besides, if I were to take a truthful look at my efforts during any given day, I would wager that much of my output is wasted anyway, with only the illusion of actually having an impact. When I tell myself that I’m off the hook, without guilt, my mind kind of “settles in”. I’m able to look around myself and determine what it is that I really want to do, rather than just filling in time doing things I feel I should be doing.

It provides freedom, and with that comes direction and focus. Get rid of the clutter of “busy-ness”.

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