The Last Bits of Light

By K D | June 28, 2017

“I hope the winds don’t pick up again. That was horrible last night.” Billy was lowering the blinds on the bathroom window. The window was open to let in the air that blew cool down the mountains, and the night before when the winds picked up the blinds shook and slammed against the windowpane over…

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And then another day

By K D | June 20, 2017

There isn’t much more to it than this, just 24 hours of input and things can go south pretty quick. Words, good or bad, as a trigger. There are as many faces to depression as there are people who suffer it, so what I’m about to write isn’t prescriptive by any means. You need to…

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By K D | June 12, 2017

Before I begin, you know this isn’t going to be about bike riding, right? Every bike ride is a good bike ride. Even on those rare occasions when I just get out the door and turn around twenty minutes later feeling like crud, at least I got out and gave it a shot and spent…

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The Things You Do

By K D | June 9, 2017

As an aside, I started this first sentence as “There’s a lot to this life that we know…”, but I’d truncate that to read “There’s a lot to this life.” Full stop. Here we go. I’m having trouble concentrating, the third party chatter of life is deafening at the moment. Again, here we go… There…

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Singletrack Commute, revisited

By K D | June 9, 2017

This morning I drummed myself up out of bed shortly after the sun rose above Grotto Mountain. It was a close call. I hit the snooze button once, and then twice, and then finally I sleepily calculated the time I had left before work and then rolled out. I have time, I thought. I have…

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A Part of You

By K D | June 7, 2017

I ran tonight for the first time in a long time. Not long, twenty minutes according to the tenants of my plan (this is 20 More Minutes after all) and I stuck to it coming in at just over 21 minutes. Slow, quiet and alone in the bush. A conditioning run that will hopefully become…

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Under the Rising Sun

By K D | May 30, 2017

This is really disjointed, but that kind of reflects my thinking this morning. Spring seems to have finally arrived in earnest. Before going to bed last night I left a blind up on the small window of our bedroom that faces east, and when I woke briefly this morning at 4:30 I looked there and…

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Two Things

By K D | May 19, 2017

I’m coming to understand two things. One, I’m coming into something that I might not be able to handle. An awareness, a state of understanding, a something or other that might be beyond my skill set. I’ll never make a million bucks off of it like Eckart Tolle, but god willing it’ll give me some…

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My Silence

By K D | May 15, 2017

Some mornings I wake up with the sun shining full in our bedroom windows, and the windows are left open slightly overnight to draw in the cool air, so in the mornings they also draw in the sound of the birds in the trees of the park across the street. And when I walk the…

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The Small Warmth of the Sun

By K D | May 8, 2017

Billy had gone when the poplars started to bloom, and when they did the last thing he was doing was lying in the winter dead grasses of the hydro cut between the dogs and the dogs laid there with him, Dublin asleep against Billy’s thigh and Maggie at a small distance watching ravens against the…

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