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Find One if You Want

I’m pretty sure the growing public perception of me is that I’m going nuts (more nuts?), so I’m just going to throw this one out there without much of a filter. It’s probably a misguided idea. I despise commerce, always have. It bothers me to no end that someone who has the skills, knowledge or…

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20 More Minutes, revisited

I said it wouldn’t be easy, didn’t I? Just 20 minutes a day. It’s so simple, but its been days since I’ve managed to make myself hive off the time. Dropping the practice is both symptom and cause, and it spirals downward until a certain, dark point where I just give up. But it’s dawned…

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Run Forest, Run!

Running, eh? Before you ignore this entirely hear me out. Running doesn’t have to suck, honest. Like everything else, if you get off the couch and try to hammer out a half marathon, you’re going to suffer. Hell, if you’re off the couch and try to hammer out even a couple of kilometers, you’re going…

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