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Billy in the Maron Valley, snippet

Melissa smiles and the boy relaxes and he smiles at her too. She puts her hand on the rear railing and swings herself out of the truck to land in the dirt underneath. A little wind whistles through the grasses nearby and Melissa looks toward it, wild oats bending with the breeze and the rigid…

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The Bunkhouse, An excerpt

There is no wind tonight. The heat from the fire in the woodstove hums through the chimney, air racing into the flue to feed the flames and then racing again, tempered and smoky out of the metal chimney and into the night sky. Tenaya is cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, her night for the…

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Shortest Days, Revisited

“This will probably be it for me. I can’t imagine I’ll see another Christmas.” Billy holding the steering wheel of the truck. “How’s that?” “I just don’t expect to be around much longer. Once the thaw is in I’ll be out of here. The old man doesn’t want me around anyway.” It isn’t early in…

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