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Meeting the Eye

There are a couple of components to this, but I think they’re related. One of which I’ve been meaning to write about for a while now, the other which is cuttingly fresh. By the way, I’m writing this with the cat sleeping between my outstretched and now numb legs. The lengths I go to to…

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Under the Rising Sun

This is really disjointed, but that kind of reflects my thinking this morning. Spring seems to have finally arrived in earnest. Before going to bed last night I left a blind up on the small window of our bedroom that faces east, and when I woke briefly this morning at 4:30 I looked there and…

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The Old Dog, Again

The old dog panting at my feet. She’s uncomfortable. She always is. We think she can’t really feel her hind legs, and we think she has pain in her spine in the rear, her tail bits. She can’t tell us this of course, we’ve tried to become canine mind readers. She pants, and I reach…

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