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I don’t even know what this is, but I like the wording. Sometimes I just write to hear myself talk. 🙂 I’m in bed with the tiny things. Not organization or complex steps and process, but that thing that is a lot more subtle than this, that thing that lies under the finer details. A sideways…

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In the Shadows

In the Peaks of Grassi the elk have been gathered for weeks. They lay in the hydro cut in the cold with the wind coming through Whiteman Pass. When they are still over the night hoarfrost grows white crystals on their fur. And in the night, if the clouds part in the sky and the…

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Shortest Days, Revisited

“This will probably be it for me. I can’t imagine I’ll see another Christmas.” Billy holding the steering wheel of the truck. “How’s that?” “I just don’t expect to be around much longer. Once the thaw is in I’ll be out of here. The old man doesn’t want me around anyway.” It isn’t early in…

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