Bury Me Alive

Promise to bury me alive not deeply, and only from the neck down Just a thin layer of rich beautiful soil to pin my body against the earth in a forest that’s far away and then just let me be I will be alright Leave my senses in full bloom so I can witness the…

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More from “Everything Goes Away”

Don’t lie. You know exactly the heartache of your life. That primitive sadness you feel around the things you wanted to do but didn’t, or the things that to the core of your being you felt desperately needed to go one way, and they went the other. That horrible rendering of your heart when your…

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The Bunkhouse, An excerpt

There is no wind tonight. The heat from the fire in the woodstove hums through the chimney, air racing into the flue to feed the flames and then racing again, tempered and smoky out of the metal chimney and into the night sky. Tenaya is cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, her night for the…

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