Long Journal

A Story From a Friend, millionth draft

The skin between my toes has disintegrated, raw and stinging as sweat and miles of movement rub them against one another. The cold too, the cold doesn’t help. Running through the snow is slow and as it continues to fall so the slowness will grow. But this can’t wait so I hurry. When Jim first…

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A letter to a friend

I wrote this a little while ago, the only thing I’ve written in months. It takes quite a bit of energy to expose my thinking on paper – even when writing fiction it’s most of me that fuels the story – and I’ve been hording every bit of energy I have these days to stay…

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A Mildly Principled World, pt 1

I had a confusing conversation with an old, old friend tonight. I can understand his position, it’s obvious. But there are subtleties that I think are overlooked. To be flippant, our talk was about “rad-ness” and the current trend to be the “best person you were meant to be.” To be true, so much of…

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