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Disjointed, because that’s how I roll. I write these things knowing that people will turn away, but in the hope that some might not. I’ve sat in front of my computer a lot lately. This morning for ten minutes, and then another five, and later on another five. I’ve picked up my phone and opened…

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A More than Half Full Moon

Billy knew that when the curtains were pulled across the windows of the trailer that he shouldn’t come in. He looked up at a moon that was more than half-full that hung above the pine tree on the land as though stabbed there on the pinnacle branch, and the moon and tree were framed in…

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The Shakes

Some days I live without framework, without structure, in a world where the laws of physics and matter have no hold. I see buildings melting into people on the street, music intertwined with the frantic and nervous tapping of my heel on the floor. My thinking isn’t there, my mind is weak, my heart washes…

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