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Teneya and Billy in bed in the morning, Teneya with her leg draped across those of Billy and her foot tucking around his ankle, moving softly over his feet and her head on his shoulder and her fingertips spinning through the hair on his chest, lowering to stroke his stomach. Her body is young and naked and smooth and warm and her breath against his neck is a cloud against the sky and the heat of her skin against him is a soft kind of fire that he loves.

Never did I ever think someone could make me feel so good. I mean, real good! Her fingers flatten and she rubs her hand across his chest, slowly, caressing the wave of rib and muscle and he feels her face shift into a smile against his shoulder, and her breath is another cloud. She moans and nuzzles deeper and her hand moves down across his abdomen and she presses her fingers around his waist and pulls him in tight. You give me butterflies.

Billy staring at the ceiling looks down at her black hair that hides her face from him, and then looks out the window at the mottled sky, at the shades of cloud that billow and blow above the apartment buildings. He wonders if anyone else sees it.

I can’t do it again.

We don’t have to. I just like holding you. Don’t you like it?

Not right now. Not if we’re not going to do it again. Her hand slips from his waist and rests on his stomach.

I couldn’t be happier Billy. He feels her eyelashes flitter against his skin and she rests.

Billy still looking out the window and the clouds in constant swirl, passing above the buildings. A hidden sunrise to the east.

I can never be the light you need, he thinks.

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