By K D | May 5, 2017

It’s a broad shadow at nighttime. An instant thing. First the blinding sun strong against the horizon. Then it sinks to a small sliver of itself above the tops of the mountains. And then finally, suddenly, it hides behind Mount Rundle and those of us below begin to shiver in the cold and wrap ourselves…

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By K D | May 4, 2017

I take deep breaths throughout the day. In the morning, walking the dogs in the park across the street, I admire the pine trees with Mount Lady MacDonald framing them and I breath deeply five times. It’s a conscious and slow breath, the feeling of clean mountain air filling my lungs. It helps me center…

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By K D | May 3, 2017

Originally published on dyckknows.com: I’m sure everyone who participated in RMCC’s Rubber Mallet ride last night didn’t have as philosophical a ride as I did. This was the third or fourth time I’ve ridden with this group, and it was the third or fourth time I was bringing up the rear. As most of these…

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Something Good

By K D | May 2, 2017

Today I’ll try to do things differently. I took yesterday as a pretty bad day. I slept poorly and had troubles getting myself out of bed. My first interactions with others were negative, a staff member complaining to me, “don’t take this personally”, but it was. An old friend posted his post-mortem letter to his…

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Six Ravens

By K D | April 30, 2017

Six ravens in the sky and one peeled off from the rest. That left 5 ravens together cawing their way up, circling on warm air pocketed below the mountain and one raven ditching toward the forest canopy with it’s wings tucked tight against the body, twisting and checking speed and balance, twisting into the branches…

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A Mildly Principled World, pt 1

By K D | April 21, 2017

I had a confusing conversation with an old, old friend tonight. I can understand his position, it’s obvious. But there are subtleties that I think are overlooked. To be flippant, our talk was about “rad-ness” and the current trend to be the “best person you were meant to be.” To be true, so much of…

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Find One if You Want

By K D | April 13, 2017

I’m pretty sure the growing public perception of me is that I’m going nuts (more nuts?), so I’m just going to throw this one out there without much of a filter. It’s probably a misguided idea. I despise commerce, always have. It bothers me to no end that someone who has the skills, knowledge or…

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The Old Dog, once again

By K D | April 11, 2017

Last night the old dog got in a fight. There’s a dog in the neighborhood she’s had a grudge against for seven or eight years. All that time ago, walking in the forests that climb the flanks of the mountain toward Canmore Wall, she met this dog and the two of them instantly got into…

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The Weight

By K D | April 10, 2017

Our roommate is gone, moved out. So there’s a weight that’s lifted, a sense of reclaiming a tiny bit of freedom, or independence, or of not doing what’s appropriate when someone else is sharing your space. He wasn’t a bad roommate. By all counts he was pretty damn good actually, but he was here, even…

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The Likeness of People

By K D | April 1, 2017

If you live in Canmore, there’s a pretty good chance I know more about you than you would think. Ya, that’s creepy, and it has nothing to do with being an I.T. guy. Most of me has nothing to do with technology at all. Yesterday at the paint store there was a guy approaching our…

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